"The quickest and easiest way to innovate is to take ideas and lessons learned from one place and apply them somewhere else."

~ Jenny Davis

When I was competing for Team GB and Team Scotland, I started to merge the world of professional sport with business and operational excellence with great effect.

Now I’m sharing those insights with you through my ‘Sports Lessons Applied to Business email series. Here’s what you’ll get…

  • Immediately actionable techniques and tactics taken from sport that you can apply to your business NOW
  • Insider sports stories & lessons learned that will entertain AND give you food for thought that you can apply to your own people, processes & technology
  • ALL the lessons can be applied to your personal life including health & fitness - cue better sleep, more focus & getting things done!

I love the saying “Sport is life with the volume turned up.” What that means for you is you get to learn some fundamental timeless lessons from some pretty cool and entertaining topics all proven in the real world.

And if you apply the same principles, techniques and tactics you could end up getting the same kind of results as Sir Chris Hoy, Jessica Ennis-Hill or maybe a business equivalent like Sir Richard Branson in your own tiny part of the world.

You’re already ahead of the game by getting this far, now its time to continue that journey, take action and blow your competitors out of the water!

See you on the other side! 😉