Improve Your Processes by 25%+

As a leader in business, I have a huge amount of respect for you.  You take risks, you drive the economy and you provide jobs to others.

You sacrifice your time, money and energy to the cause. I’m guessing you also sacrifice your personal life as well with little thanks? And I know for sure you carry alot of the burden yourself.

You don’t have to do that by yourself anymore.

A little bit of outside perspective with fresh insights and new angles breaks you out of the box and accelerates your problem solving and growth.

Sometimes all you need is one idea, properly implemented and executed

to take your business to the next level

Strive Change Provide Consulting For...

  • Process Improvement (25% improvement is our average)
  • 'Systematise to Thrive' Implementation & Delivery
  • Continuous Improvement Programmes that consistently deliver ROI
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Culture Change
  • Change Management for legacy or growing businesses


Benefits from working Jenny...

25%+ Improvement in Process KPI's

Reduced Fire Fighting
& Operational Chaos

Strive Change - Reducing Cost & Increasing Profits

Reduction in Cost
& Increased Profit

Reduced Stress Levels

Improved Customer Experience

Improved Colleague Engagement


Sometimes all you need is one idea properly implemented and executed to take your business to the next level so let’s get started.

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Jenny Davis, Strive Change Founder & CEO

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