What We Do

“Using world class sporting strategies, techniques and stories, we help entrepreneurs and business leaders solve problems, improve and innovate their teams to their business equivalent of Olympic and World Class Success.

Specifically helping them turn fire fighting, stress and cost in their business (and personal lives) into calm, control, profit, growth and excitement!

Achieving more results with less stress, time, energy and money.”

Consulting & Implementation

Hands on business problem solving and Operational Excellence
consulting, in collaboration with you and your team for guaranteed results.


Jenny is an accomplished speaker ready to blow your audience's socks off from small intimate gatherings to keynote speaking & conferences.

1:1 Coaching

Personalised 1:1 time with Jenny who's 'got your back' from day 1 whether your challenges are professional or personal.

Workshops & Training

In person or online training tailored to your team's specific needs & wants, created in a way that's informative, entertaining & memorable.

Our Guiding Principles

We strive to improve the lives of entrepreneurs and business leaders by living and breathing our guiding principles:

  • 80/20 Principle - 80% of business problems are generated by 20% of the related causes. We use a multi-layered 80/20 approach to identify the handful of true problems in your business.
  • The Beowulf Effect - Fix Root Cause - We find and fix the root cause of your most important problems. We go deep to the very bottom of the swamp to what's causing your problems and why, then we solve it with strategy & proven approaches NOT band aids.
  • Disciplined Measurements & Tracking - Measures and feedback give you an accurate picture of current state paving the way for 80/20 improvements. Remeasures tell you if what you've applied worked or not. No measures/feedback means you're completely in the dark or guessing next steps so they come standard with everything we do.
  • Communication is the cornerstone of all leadership and progression - People aren't mind readers. To truly bring others with you and drive progression, good communication is key. Constant listening, sharing and two way conversation is an 80/20 habit with exponential power we use daily.
  • British Cycling’s Marginal Gains & The Compound Effect - Reaping huge rewards from a series of small, smart choices. £5 per day @7.5% growth over 50 years = millionaire status! So simple and easy yet incredibly understated and forgotten.
  • Proven Methodologies Flexed for Each Situation - Work The System, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Prince2, Change Manager Institute, Sporting Success Methods & Approaches and lessons from the school of 'hard knocks' means whatever the challenge we've got the right tools and network to help you.
  • Cross Industry Innovation - The quickest and easiest way to innovate is to take ideas from one place and apply in another. That’s why we use sport so much!
  • 'Work Hard Have Fun' Balance - Life is too short to be serious all the time. Fun is an important ingredient in any successful venture so we work with this balance top of mind as much as we can

Our Purpose

We believe life is too short for stress, busyness,  fire-fighting and chaos ALL the time.

We live to help others work through the chaos and stress to a place of calm, control and high performance so they can truly make the most of every single day in the best way possible.

Meet The Clan

Founder & Sports to Business Improvement Consultant

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Turn that negative energy into positive results!

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