"There is soo much on my to do list and I just don't have enough time."

"I'm rushing around like a headless chicken all day then I crash and burn at night."

"I know deep down inside there is a better way but I just can't STOP."

Dear hard worker,

I used to be in the same place as you are right now. I was an expert at spinning plates (or at least I thought I was!) – my professional career in business improvement, my professional sports career, renovating a house, making time for family/friends and squeezing in time to sleep and eat!

The truth is I often went into burn out mode and it became a regular occurance that my parents told me they were worried about my health.

Over the years I’ve read, listened, watched and applied lots of content from books, audios and training programmes to try and get myself out of this state. Everything from Tim Ferris to Richard Koch and Sam Carpenter’s “Work The System’ to Taylor Walsh’s Productivity Pack.

The Most Common But Unhelpful Advice?

All the advice lead to the same conclusion… invest time taking a step back from your life so you could “think” and make smarter decisions.

How Can You Invest More Time If You Don't Have Any In The First Place?

The truth is… you start small!

After years of trial and error I discovered 5 key areas of life that by changing my approach helped created an extra 5 hours+ per week.

Suddenly I was moving forward at pace but my clients and colleagues were getting left behind – bogged down in the day to day grind and routine.

Introducing 'The 5-Day Time Saving Challenge' (VALUE £3270)

I built the challenge to help my clients’s and wider community create at least 5 hours per week so we can REINVEST the time saved in improving their business and in turn saving even more time, energy and money.


You’ll get access to short powerful time saving advice from the world’s best in business and sport. Full of actionable tips and insights that you can implement in less than 15mins per day.

And if that wasn’t enough, to help you actually take action we have a monthly competition with prizes worth over £1000+ to the best improvement stories each month.

This is a knockout series that if you implement will be the catalyst for bigger and better things to come!!