All About Jenny Davis...

Jenny’s personal improvement journey started when she was 6 after being enrolled into a judo class so she could learn to defend herself. She went on to become a black belt fighting for Scotland & GB all over the world.  A few years later she swapped her baggy judo suit for lycra, a carbon fibre bike & high speeds on the velodromes all over the world. Career highlights include winning silver at Delhi Commonwealth Games, narrowly missing out for Team GB selection for London 2012 Olympics and racing for Team Scotland in front of a home crowd at Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

During London 2012 trials Jenny was asked to present how she improved her performance to her department manager and leaders at Standard Life Plc. Having sharing the principles of improvement Jenny was asked to help lead and deliver continuous improvement in the business. There a new career was born!

After many business improvement and problem solving projects, teams, training programmes (see right) and lessons learned across multiple industries, Jenny now works with business leaders and entrepreneurs to move away from fire fighting and stress to calm and control and the onward to World Class Customer Service and the growth and profits that come with that.


Nicknames?  JudoJenny, JD, Jammie Dodger, Jenny Miagi, Speedy, Jen & Tinks so far. I tend to collect them as I weave my way through life! (Thanks to all who have gifted me with these ones so far! You know who you are! 😉)

Where are you from?  East Calder, West Lothian, Scotland

Where do you live now?  Cramond, Edinburgh, Scotland

Original Family Background?  Mum, Dad and two younger sisters Kirsty & Lorna who are twins plus various special dogs throughout the years

Family Now? Stacy who is football obsessed, extremely laid back and one of the calmest men I’ve ever met!

What are you favourite ways to keep fit & healthy?  LOVE my bike! Circuits and body weight exercises as well as hiking and yoga for the more restorative type of training

Now you’ve retired from international competition what fitness goals do you have?  I have many… train on average everyday, do at least 10K steps per day, then I have quarterly events I sometimes sign up for – obstacle course races, cycling and running events. To complete specific workout programmes like Insanity Series and long term do all the Munro’s, Grahams and Corbett’s – they are my 20+ years goal!

Best Sporting Moment?  Racing against reigning Olympic Champion Anna Meares at Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and giving her a good run for her money 😉

What advice would you give your younger self?  No one succeeds alone. Everyone needs guides, mentors, coaches, confidants and cheerleaders in life. Embrace those who want to help you and just go with it. You never know what might happen!

Favourite Foods?  Mint Dark Chocolate, Eggs and my mum’s vegetable lasagne!

What motivates and drives you? Fear of regret.

What is your life motto?  You only get one life so make the most of every second and while you’re at it… be kind!



Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
Work The System Certified Coach
ILSSI Partner & Consultant
Change Management Practitioner, APMG
BSc Health Psychology
Lean Six Sigma Mentoring & Lean for Leaders
PRINCE2 Foundation, AMPG